In 1893, on the Greek island of Syros, Nicholas D. Cotzias, driven by enthusiasm and love for the sea and ships, founded N.Cotzias Shipping, while Intermodal was founded by Kyriakos G. Dermatis in 1984 with the vision to play a significant role in the transformation of Greek ship broking services.

Both companies saw an increase in the number of trusted clients, and business was conducted on a personal but professional basis, gaining dedication and appreciation by the shipping community. This kind of business discussion developed the relationship between Client and Broker into a true life-long and trustworthy bond.

As the two companies shared a common background and the same business ethics, the two groups merged in 2011, thus enabling and facilitating expansion and growth. The company is currently placed at the forefront of developments and is able to provide its clientele with a complete and professional standard of service. This is a pivotal point for the years to come since we, at Cotzias Intermodal, value our customers’ need for a tailored service style and consider it a key feature combining experience and critical thinking with up to date and accurate information.